Turf wars

Posted by kissthechicken on April 4, 2014 in diary, drawering | Short Link

It’s spring and suddenly I’m battling the kingdom of the spiders for squatters rights in my own home. They’re everywhere. On my pillow, staring at me from the ceiling, scurrying across the living room floor, camping out in the sink. Baby spiders, grown up spiders, hairy spiders, black spiders. Here a spider, there a spider, everywhere a spider SPIDER! What’s a girl gotta do to be able to live the kind of life where a tickle on the arm is just a tickle? Get off my land, spiders!





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  • Tawnya says:

    I like how less sure of itself the spider gets as I read through your cartoon. The double exclamation points make their way from two !! to one !! to a nervous sounding question ? BRILLIANT.

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