Halloween, you’ve snuck up on me again!

Posted by kissthechicken on October 29, 2014 in drawering | Short Link

Oh, Halloween. I love you so, but I seem to never be prepared for you. I had big ideas about getting a costume together this year and having a proper celebration, but  this late in the game, I think it’s going to wind up being a quiet night at home, hiding from unruly teenagers, watching a bunch of horror movies, and eating A LOT of treats. That said, local adolescents, if any of my garden gnomes go missing or if I find 30 cigarette butts in my rose bushes again, I’m going to be pissed.

Annnnnd….I think I just officially became an old person. Oh, man… oh, boy. What? Are the liver spots on my hands distracting you??

Well, in lieu of a thoughtful exploration on my Halloween feelings, please enjoy these somewhat Halloween-related drawings from kissthechicken posts’ past.

kissthechicken Grim Reaper




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