10-10 at Bryce Canyon

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We celebrated our 9th anniversary at Bryce Canyon National Park. I had never been there before and Greg hadn’t been since he was a kid. Man, pictures do not do it justice. I thought I kind of knew what to expect, but when we got there and actually walked up to the canyon… you’re reduced to speechless open mouth staring and occasionally letting a “Wowwwww!” escape.

We made sure to get up early so we could see the canyon at sunrise. All the pictures I’d seen, everything all seemed orange, but I had no idea all the different colors and gradations. Pretty spectacular. We did the Navajo Loop and combined it with the Queen’s Garden trail so that we could see most of the sites we wanted to get up close and personal with (Thor’s Hammer, the Three Sisters, the two bridges, and Queen Victoria). After that we drove to some of the different lookout points to get better views of the canyon from above. The Bryce Point viewing area was the best. We went to Inspiration point and both Sunrise and Sunset viewpoints, but Bryce Point really gives you a good view of how gigantic the area is. I’d love to go back sometime soon and spend more time exploring.

Shout out to the Pines for serving me a soda in the most gigantic mason jar I’ve ever seen and to hotel cable for entertaining me with Golden Girls episodes and the 2nd half of Insidious our first night.

Greg & Angie

Trying hard to keep our eyes open with the sun blinding us

Bryce Sunrise IMG_4801 IMG_4804 IMG_4807 IMG_4824 Natural Bridge


The view from Bryce Point


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