Halloween, you’ve snuck up on me again!
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Posted by kissthechicken on October 29, 2014 in drawering | Short Link

Oh, Halloween. I love you so, but I seem to never be prepared for you. I had big ideas about getting a costume together this year and having a proper celebration, but  this late in the game, I think it’s going to wind up being a quiet night at home, hiding from unruly teenagers, watching […]

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Angie’s Guide to Spring Survival
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Posted by kissthechicken on March 6, 2014 in diary, drawering | Short Link

Stay in. Let’s face it, after those long, dark winter months, you may not be ready to come out of hibernation just yet. Why force it? You are an individual. Give yourself the respect you deserve by emerging on your own timetable. Just because that groundhog was wrong, doesn’t mean you have to speed up […]

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